Thursday, May 26, 2016

Best Top 5 Cloud Services for Save and Backup Your Android Camera Pictures

In a day you click lots of photos in your Android Phone. Android is made for clicking and viewing photos. What do you do when you accidentally delete your photos or your memory is fully format. So in this case you definitely try recovering photos. But my friend sometime recovery is not best option.

Here I give you better option save all photos to cloud . When you save photos to cloud ,you make backup of your photos. So your brk ya lost you never loose your photos. There are many apps and services in Google Play market that save your all photos to the cloud and make your data safer and ever.
Top 5 Service and Apps that make backup of your photos to the cloud1. Google+ Photos
This service is offered by Google, you can save all your photos to the Google Cloud service. We all know google is a safer for everyone that's why I recommend these app top in the list. If you are Google+ user you can check all your photos by opening Google+ Photos site. First download and install Google+ Photos to the phone and do automatically sync in this app.
Download Google+ Photos

2. FacebookFacebook also offer sync options. When you start sync photos in Facebook your all camera photos save in Facebook in private Folder. This is also a good option for saving your all photos to the cloud.
3. DropboxDropbox is a popular cloud service that offers 2GB cloud data. You can save all type of data like text,music and pictures in this app. When you started sync in Dropbox your all photos save to Dropbox cloud server. You can access all photos at any time by opening Dropbox website in PC.
Download Dropbox Android App

4. FlickrFlickr service is offered by Yahoo. Flickr is online photo sharing websites. So in this app you daily found lots of photos. You can also save your all photos to the android. Flickr is made for photographers so this is good option if you click lots of photos.
Download Flickr Android App

5. OnedriveOnedrive is Cloud Service. We all know this is a pc thing but this is also available for android. You can save all photos to the onedrive and view all photos in PC. This is very option if you are big fan Of Services.
Download Onedrive App

So these is very good option if you want backup of your photos to the cloud.

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