Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bch Buggy Android Kart Racing Game

Today we come here with new android games. This awesome android game named is Bch Buugy. Bch Buggy android game is developed by Vector Unit. Vector Unit also developed Riptide GP 2 Game. Riptide GP2 is a hittest game on Google Play Store.

Bch Buggy is kart Racing game for Android Mobile. This android game has so many characters for playing racing in android mobile. Recently a yrs ago Angry Birds Launched a Kart Racing Game. But this one is totally diffrent from Angry Birds.
Top 5 Best New Popular Android App Games in 2014About Bch Buggy Kart Racing Game
Bch Buggy gameplay is awesome. Bch Buggy is not just a racing game,in this android racing game you found lots of power ups for attack other racing drivers.
In this game ch characters has its own power and speciality.
Bch Buggy game has 6 Mode and 3D race Tracks. Bch Buggy android game is free for all android phone users. Check Our Game Section for Android Mobile.

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Download Bch Buggy Android Game

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