Thursday, May 26, 2016

Android Users access the Internet without 2G/3G or Wifi with Be-Bound App

We always have data plan in our Android Mobile but what do we do when our data plan no more and we need urt Internet ,When that time the Be Bound App rocks.
Be Bound works in both situtation when you have data plans or not.

Be-Bound is a new mobile app for Android that uses text messaging as the mns by which to provide internet access at very low bandwidths to mobile devices when there is little or no data connectivity available through a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

Be-Bound is the new mobile solution that helps you stay connected to the Internet worldwide with your smartphone even with low or no Internet connection.

Be-Bound’s Android app is free to use if there’s a data connection. But if there’s no data connectivity, users pay nominal charges using ‘Be-miles’
You must have used Facebook and Twitter without internet connection. But now you can do more such as mail, chat, enjoy social media, check wther, etc even if you don’t have any data connection, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. You can do all this with a new Android app called Be-Bound. Be-Bound promises to keep your internet connection flowing even if you don’t have any Wi-Fi or data connection.

According to Albert Szulman, CEO of Be-Bound “We started with a simple observation: everybody has faced connection issues, even in covered ars like the train, the subway, indoor or any other ars with low connectivity. To solve this issue, Be-Bound has developed an innovative cloud technology using very low bandwidth that delivers the best user experience even with low connection.”

Be-Bound use the 2G network with text messages as the transport layer to exchange information between the web and your smartphone. Since Be-Bound app is in it’s beta phase therefore you may get some bugs and errors, but it will definitely improve with time.
Using Be-BoundBe Bound is awesome app to access Be-Bound services, the user only needs to download the free Be-Bound app which includes built-in appliions for email, wther report, news, stocks quotes, geoloed services and even Twitter.
Using Be-Bound is free when connected to the Internet. As it consumes very low data, Be-Bound will help you saving money on your data plan. When there is no data network available, the service works with SMS and prepaid credits (Be-Miles) at a fraction of the standard roaming costs.

The Be-Bound vision is to allow everyone using a smartphone to stay connected as part of the next mobile revolution.

Be-Bound FturesBe-Mail
Be-Mail that allows you to receive and send your emails on your smartphone even without Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. You can even forward emails with their attachments, no matter where you are, in the subway, in a parking, anywhere!Be-Wther
Be-Wther allows you to check the wther for the next 4 days.

Be Twitter
Be Twitter allows to see your twitter tweets like mine is.
down on a desert road, in the middle of nowhere, with no network connectivity? Be-Bound is there! With Be-SoS, you’ll be able to find all the emercy phone s from the country you are in, and then call them, even without any network connection.You can also use Be-SoS to quickly inform your friends, family or colues without waiting for a good connection. Save your favourite s and, in case of emercy, text/email/tweet them your loion, no matter the quality of your connectivity.Be-Currency
Tired of being gouged because you are bad at mental calculation? Be-Currency allows you to convert any currency with updated daily rates.Be-Translate
Be-Translate can appr as a very helpful travel companion. It allows you to translate any text in most of the languages.Be-Find
You are looking for a restaurant, a bank or a bus station around you? Be-Find allows you to srch for any points of interest nrby and get there thanks to the compass.Be-Stock
Be-Stock allows you to access any important stock markets in rl-time.Be-Flight
With Be-Flight, you can check in rl-time on your way to the airport all the needed information about your flight.Be Bound Android APP
Be-Bound® is the ultimate way to ensure that you get your data when you need it - without costing you afortune on data and roaming charges.Get your data in data dd zones!Stop paying international data roaming charges!Grt for traveling!Grt app to have on your handset in case of emercy!- Add your Email and Twitter accounts- Get your News, Wther, - Find local points of interest- And access most of your favorite apps: rl-time stock exchange, currency converter, translator, flighttracker, GPS navigation…all built in.As long as you can still give a call or send a text message, Be-Bound® will switch to its proprietary datamode to send requests to our servers to get the information you need. ch request will cost youstandard text message rates and Be-Miles (prepaid credits), which are inexpensive and controllable.
How to Download Official Android Apps Directly from Google Play on PCBe-Bound®: Stay Connected (Playboard) | Be-Bound®: Stay Connected (Play Store)
DISCLAIMERUsing Be-Bound® in your data plan on 3G or Wi-Fi is free. Using Be-Bound® on 2G networks internationallycould erate international SMS costs. Check your plan for SMS and International SMS costs.Purchasing Be-Miles will give you access to multiple Be-Bound® services. The of Be-Miles chargeddepends on the service. For example, consulting the wther or stock service will cost 1 Be-Mile butrding an email may cost several Be-Miles, depending on its size. Be-Bound® is compatible with mostAndroid handsets.This app is awesome but he is still in Beta.
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