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*14+ Whatsapp tricks and tips for android and iphone

Best working whatsapp tricks and cool tips:
WhatsApp is the instant chatting app ever made for Android & i. Even though there are much more similar apps that fights with WhatsApp by hiring celebrities to make people use them, but still nothing stops whatsapp. After whatsapp takeover by Facebook, the whatsapp appliion became more secure and effective.Many new methods were implemented in whatsapp app that includes many options such as hiding profile picture, last seen status and even more. This article explains a lot of whatsapp tricks and tips that you can do with your whatsapp. Its going to make you feel amaze because the whatsapp tricks and cool tips are 100% working. Just enjoy using whatsapp with the new implemented whatsapp tricks and tips and sure you guys will rock with the whatsapp tricks and cool tips. Without wasting your time lets see the cool whatsapp tricks and tips.

IMPORTANT: This article does not explain contents relating to or any other illegal methods of accessing other profiles and similar things. This article clrly explains the legal ways of whatsapp tricks and tips.

Best whatsapp tricks and cool tips list for android, iphone:The below list are working and legal whatsapp information, you can use this tricks on your mobiles. And share it your friends circle.

If You didn't have the Newer version of the whatsapp the Get the newly launched version of the whatsapp apk. Download whatsapp apk for your android mobile .1. Hiding Last seen time of whatsapp:WhatsApp is the instant and effective chatting app but the problem is that it does not allows to hide your last seen time from your family or friends. Hiding is possible in i but not on android devices.
The latest version for android itself contains the hiding last seen time option .

2. Deleted messages recovery:Have you ever think it is possible to recover the deleted texts or messages. Practically it is not possible to recover the deleted messages without an external tools. But the latest version of whatsapp provides the facility to recover the deleted texts. Whatsapp defaultly stores all your conversations and activities in your external memory card such that it will be rlly helpful for recovery options. I hope you guys surely like this whatsapp tricks and tips article.
You can access the recovery folder using the following path. SD CARD -> WHATSAPP-> DATABASES and srch for the files namely– msgstore-yyyy-mm-dd.1.db.crypt 5 and msgstore.db.crypt.

To recover the Whatsapp texts, just rename the file msgstore.db.crypt to OLD msgtsore.db.crypt or something to identify the previous backup very sily, but if something is not right then you just give a another try. Choose the database folder of file that you wish to recover from the files left and rename it to msgstore.db.crypt. Uninstall and again install Whatsapp appliion and when asked then choose Recover. The text content that you saved with the name msgstore.db.crypt will be recovered. Recovering your rlier database, automatically erases your current chat details and there’s no way to merge or join your old database file to your current chat history. This is one of the effective and cool whatsapp tricks and tips.

3. sy getting of contact profile picture:When you are surfing through your friend’s profile pictures then there’s no way to store the profile picture. The appliion doesn’t have an option to save the profile pictures of your contacts.There is an alternative available for this problem yet in this whatsapp tricks and tips we are providing you with an efficient option. By default Whatsapp app save all profile s that you view automatically and it is accessible by the following path. SD card -> WhatsApp -> Profile Pictures. The name of the pictures will be the corresponding phone s of your friends. It is a cool whatsapp tip and a very sy whatsapp trick.

4. Send various formats such as PDF, ZIP, APK , etc:
Similar to other chatting apps whatsapp also does not allow you to send files of different formats. But no worries friends. The following whatsapp tricks surely will show the way to send the files. Files such as PDF, APK, documents and more can be send through whatsapp by installing an additional app like cloud but still the efficient way is to install Google Drive on your device and just upload files and share it.

5. Whatsapp usage details:Oh want to know how much data you utilized for whatsapp. Want to know who had texted you more. Want to whom had you sent more messages. It is very sy friends. Explore it using WhatStat app for Android or iPhone device. A cln and nt graphical representation is presented. If you want to know the simple data usage statistics then access it by the following path. Settings-> Account-> Data usage.
6. Updating your new in whatsapp :Had you bought a new sim card. Dont know how to change the in your whatsapp. No problem. Here is the steps to do that. Just go to whatsapp settings and select the account option and choose the change . and enter the new friends.

7. Automated messages to your lovable ones:Oh ! you often forget things very sily. Forgetting your friends, family special occasion days. Dont worry friends. Here is the solution. Use the scheduled messages option of whatsapp to send the predefined messages to your special ones . Herfter never miss any birthday wishes, and other special occasions.
8. Restrict automatic media download on whatsapp:Just install the whatsapp plus appliion to your device. Using that appliion it is possible to restric the automatic media download. Just follow the path.Settings -> Chat Settings -> Technical self-discharge -> Check appropriate option. Hurrah its done.
9. Last seen hiding fture:Whatsapp always shows the last seen option at the lower end of the conversation to your friends. Sometimes we may feel annoyed by this option . Initially there were many additional apps to make this fture possible but recently with the latest version of whatsapp it is possible to enable the fture using the whatsapp itself.

Just follow the path.Settings => Chat Settings => Technical self-discharge => Check the required fture and enable it . thats it guys.
10.Lock Whatsapp Using Protection:-You can lock your whatsapp apk app installed on your mobile, This is for the prevention of others to see your personal messages with your loved ones. Unfortunately the whatsapp doesn't have any login ftures and so sily any one can rd your whatsapp messages without your permission if your mobile was handled by another person. There are a bunch of locking app available in the Google Playstore. The Whatsapp Lock is the Best app that is fully dedied for the whatsapp alone. You can get from here and sy access with the app and get safe your whatsapp messages from others. Download Whatsapp Lock Here.
11.Whatsapp Contact Shortcut On Standby Screen:-This trick enables you to crte shortcut of your whatsapp contact led to fast chat with your lovable ones. In all smart contains the whatsapp app the group chat shortcut icon can be sily crted by Long Press on Group chat icon and The popup will appr on the screen in that click on the Add shortcut icon. The Group icon will crted on your standby screen in a fraction of seconds. The similar way needed for the crtion of whatsapp individual contacts. By following the above steps will lds to crte the whatsapp contact shortcut icon.

12.Change Mobile New Way:-If you want to change your mobile don't need to uninstall your whatsapp and re-install whatsapp on your mobile and authentie with new mobile . The new can be sily authentie with your new mobile . For that you need to go to the Settings= > Account= > Change . In that options enter the Both old and new . After providing the details click on the Done Button. Thats it friends you are done.
13. Hide Your Mobile :-Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp.Put your mobile in flight mode, At the time of verifiion, Choose "Verify through sms" & enter your Email id and Click on send.The immediately click on Cancel.This end up the authorization process.Now you have to spoof that message, for that download Spoof Text message.Install the appliion on your mobile.Provide the Email - id and verify it.After the completion of authentiion process.Now you can hide your mobile .14.Voice Whatsapp Notifiion Enabled Services:-Download and Install Voice notifiion and after Text to speechOpen the voice notifiion.Then go to Settings => Accessibility and convert accessibility values.Open the appliion again , You will be enabled the services of voice whatsapp notifiion.14+. Download whatsapp for Pc version:-whatsapp pc
It is something important trick because, The world most instant messaging app is whatsapp but it is launched only for the android and other smart only. Fortunately we have the trick to work the whatsapp apk for pc version. Sounds like grt yh, we are provide you the complete tricks to work whatsapp for pc version. To know about how to use the whatsapp for pc version by clicking here.
Though this article contains only 14+ whatsapp tricks but it is very powerful one and working whatsapp tricks, And there are new working whatsapp tricks were available will be updated on this blog and So keep on visiting our site again, you can google Tricks WhatsApp it will getting you in here.. We hope these tricks will working for you too. If you have query just contact us through here, Contact Us

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